Saturday, April 20, 2002

Oh, I AM a bad blogger. Shame on me. Well, what has been going on in this life of mine... Well, last night I went through all my knitting projects and put away a bunch so that in the Fall or whenever I need more to work on, I can go to my big 'ol Tupperware bin and they'll be just like bran' spankin' new! See, this is because I have waaaaaay too much yarn, and very nice yarn, and waaaaaaay too many projects that need working on for me to GET any yarn or START any new patterns. I think I have startitis.
Let's review. I got out a shawl that I was working on last summer using Lorna's Laces laceweight. It's a wool silk blend in very pretty greys and pinks. It's the EZ pi are square shawl and it is taking FOREVER. Now that I'm at the end part where it's like 100+ sts at a time. So I am leaving it out to finish. Trying to decide if I should just give up on the lace patterns at the end and just do garter ho! all the way to the end or what.
Then I have out a washcloth for nice simple mindless knitting and a cotton/silk tee I'm making for my MIL. I think that's it. I have all this nice Shetland wool and I just read "Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting" about her take on how Fair Isle knitting began. Very interesting. I'm thinking about making the Fair Isle socks from Vogue's "Socks, Socks, Socks". When I went to Milwaukee to visit my friends, my best friend Carmen gave me free reign in a yarn store there down in Whitefish Bay (can't think of the name off hand) and I TELL YOU it took me, like HOURS to finally decide. So I got many shades of turquoise. And I just found some old Bernat Shetland yarn at the thrift store- 3 skeins of a light grey SSHHHHHHHHH!! I swear it will be my last purchase of yarn.
We went to the zoo on Friday (my school) and that was fun. I got lost at the end and that wasn't fun. I felt kind of stupid. But I did the Boy Scout thing and went back to the last place I had seen my group but that didn't do any good as I found out later- they had already moved on... So me and a 3 year old walked a hundred miles at least that day and finally we met up with everyone at the bus. Lame. Rule #1: if someone leaves the group, the group does not move or at least leaves one person behind until that said 1st person comes back. Then I felt all stupid and didn't tell my husband who I usually tell everything to and then I brooded on it because we didn't end up watching a DVD and so I got all sulky and then finally told him amidst tears. Sometimes I amaze myself. Oh well, TMI?
Back to the yarn stash. For example, yarn that I feel guilty about not having used yet; yarn my MIL got me for Christmas which is handspun. All the handspun I scored at the thrift store that is enough to make a sweater (I envision an boxy cardigan in garter with seed stitch borders and cuffs). 2 skeins of Regia in purples and blues. One skein of Mountain Colors sportweight to hopefully become socks. All this angora I want to dye. Oh, and I bought this stuff called 'Touch' by a ?German? company- it is GORGEOUS, like buttah. Like really nice velvet. Okay, that's all I can think of for now.
Put away the KNIT IT cardi as well as the second sock of my first pair of socks, plus my interpretation of Loop-d-loop's capelet...
Ah well, how I do go on... but it's a knitblog so there.
I've been busy looking at other people's blogs and I put up my other blog at if you want to go and look at some pics of my thrift store yarn or my cat (the little one I didn't get her pic because she is so squirmy and white it makes any pic of her with our digital camera look weird).