Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Red Blanket

Yesterday was E.'s birthday, so we had a little celebration. I made Paprikash with Dumplings and Super Moist Chocolate Cake for the occasion. They both turned out well. Oh, and I made some kale, but it was pretty sad- many days in the refrigerator* made it pretty tough and I think it was kinda old to begin with. Shoulda made it straightaway.

*I found out from Mallika why I want to spell refrigerator refridgerator- it must be the anglophile in me- that's how they spell it across the pond.

Once I entitled a post 'Scooters Are Emasculating'. Well, that has been amended. If you are an elderly farmer type man who is riding a scooter smoking a briar pipe, then you are pretty cool. We saw this on our way up north on Friday. He rocked.

Well, I haven't posted about reading or knitting for a while.
I started "The Sum of All Fears", channeling my masculinity, I guess. And masculinity is the word! So far all of the characters are hard, tough men with brains. Kind of stalled on that one.
And I went back to Eragon. I guess I just can't leave any halfhearted attempt at fantasy alone. So far I have not stalled out when I've hit some contrived/copycat aspects of the book. Hey guess what? They're on a long journey right now. They're riding as fast as they can. Oh, and now there's an elf. I know you're suprised. Oh, but wait, it's totally different, there are dragons, my bad.

No knitting, but the drive to make something is reasserting itself. When I'm not making any progress in reality (read; cleaning up messes), knitting really helps. Back to the blanket. Actually, I must get started on a big, red blanket for our someday cabin!