Monday, July 07, 2008

CSA veggies

Snap peas!
Garlic scapes!
Sweet William.

Plus more bok choy.

The flowers were great, but alas, we could only enjoy them fleetingly because we were headed out of town and running around like chickens with our heads cut off...
I think I broke a filling eating the lettuce because there was some sand I'd failed to rinse thoroughly and CRUNCH ow ow ow. I've been chewing on my left side. Time to call the dentist (hold me- I'm scared!).
The snap peas were marvelous, so sweet and good and they were very well enjoyed on our camping trip.
I made the turnips into pizza !voila! tonight, so sneaky am I. Plus, I put some away for perhaps a turnip soup or something. More on that tomorrow.
The scapes await their doom as pesto. Mmmm-mmm good. We had it last year and while I'm tempted by pics of grilled scapes/roasted scapes, I will probably default to the pesto 'cause I'm just that crazy.

I got the 'rejected by Knitty' email tonight- feel my pain. Maybe I'll put the pattern up in the fall when the disappointment is not too fresh.

In other news, I hacked my Method foam soap dispenser.
Here's how;
1. Fill your method foaming soap dispenser with about 1/4 of liquid soap. I used method's regular liquid soap.
2. Pour in about 1 oz of liquid glycerin.
3. Fill the rest of the way with water.
4. Mix it up and it makes a real thick foam.
5. Realize that one ounce of glycerin is about one dollar. Google how to hack foam dispensers and discover that lots of people have used regular liquid soap and then diluted it a lot. Dump it all into a sealed container and refill the bottle to about one inch with the mixture you just made and then add water to fill. Realize it works even better. Convince yourself the glycerin makes it even better than it would have been with just water diluting it. Congratulate self on having more solution close at hand, at the ready for when you need to refill again. The end.


thisfinngarianmama said...

Aww... I am so sorry about the FOAD from Knitty! You obviously put SO much into that pattern. Please do put it on Ravelry and I'll post my photos then! My dad eats scapes every spring, and I always mix liquid soap with water to get foam soap. Much cheaper than buying it all the time!

elizabeth said...

Thanks finngarianmama-

Thanks for your sympathy! You, if anyone, should understand! What a bummer! And after all YOUR hard work, too! I'm toying with (gasp, I know!) changing the thumb and trying it in a different yarn, we'll see if anything transpires... must. post. it. on. Ravelry...