Friday, April 26, 2002

well, we're heading off for the weekend, so I won't be posting again until Monday. Finished finishing the fluffy scarf (aieee- no picture ever because I'm giving it to the recipient this weekend) so just imagine a Chinchilla you could wear around your neck. Oh- update on the cat-- someone who just moved in came to ask (again) if it was ours and said that they asked the supposed neighbor who was taking it and they said no and the other side neighbor was gone, so they are going to take it for now. We hooked them up with a litter box, cat treats, catnip, cat food and cat food and water dishes. That felt great. Good to know it won't be randomly roaming the hall/outside this weekend!! Have a good one!

Hey, wow,
I guess that biking is paying off...
First I weighed myself and I weighed more, then I was all like, ok, well, it's just muscle, ya, gotta be muscle
and then I put on these pants that are sort of tight and my thighs were HUGE ha ha, that makes me happy.

Well, now I am eating this wierd goop I made with mashed up bananas and some graham cracker crumbs and it's pretty good!
Not much news on the knitting front- I'm going over to my friends house to knit with her this morning.
Did I tell you about that other cat that keeps being in our apt. hall? Well, we found the owner and she's moving out and so we bought her cat tower/tree/perch whatever you want to call it thingy so that's cool. Vacuummed it all up and carpet foamed it (now I'm worried that my cats will get cancer) and it's all good. I am so tricky- I put catnip on the perches to get them onto it.

I think that other cat's new owner is not down with it or something because last night we put out food and water for it because it was in the hall again.

Ok, have a good day.