Thursday, January 22, 2009

Go Forth And Pasta

Woo! I made pasta, people!!!

I was looking for tofu balls recipes yesterday and somehow stumbled upon this... I guess I've been inspired!

Oh, truly, truly I say unto you that lo, it was good! How fun to make pasta, and seriously, it was not really that hard.

I had bought some semolina flour a while ago from the coop, it was on sale, I guess because ?they are discontinuing it?!? Figures, once I get my pasta groove on, my source dries up!

And the tofu balls were really good! I've made tofu balls before, one recipe used peanut butter, but these were quite good, held together well and taste great! It was so serendipitous (or was it ordained?) that I had wheat germ and everything to make these. Gotta be careful, sooooo tempting to just pop one in my mouth as I pass by the refrigerator! Nom, nom, nom.

My best advice for both the tofu balls and the pasta is- really coat them with flour before frying/boiling.

Other than that, go forth and pasta!

In other news, my husband desired that I set the record straight and desmirch his name re: he does not go around quoting "Silence of the lambs". So, for your reading pleasure, I give you the Space Ghost episode in which Zorak tells Branford Marsalis that he "will eat your liver, with some fava beans and a fine Chianti. (sup sup sup sup sup) Oh, and some gum.". By the way, do NOT go to youtube and type in gum, disease. Trust me.