Monday, April 29, 2002

hey, g'day--
la la la! well, twas so wonderfull to get back from visiting with the folks and have a emails and a post at knitblogs re; how to post links.
Thank you thank you thank you.
guess what?!?! my SIL (sister-in-law) is going to be adopting a baby!!!! a baby girl from Guatemala hopefully.
ok, let me give you the lowdown, and here is where all the posting some members of the knitblog have been doing about not caring if
perfect strangers read your blog vs. family and friends takes on a personal cast...
the lowdown is that I am jealous. I was jealous (admittedly- although not able to realize it until afterwards) when one of my best friends
got married before I did and now I am jealous not to be the first to have a baby. Nrr.
That is so dumb but it was good to get it out there.
I suppose that this blog is turning into a journal of sorts. Hm.
I went to the knitting night thing last Monday and it was the second place that I had to confessed to other women that I want to have a baby.
The first was my Bible study group (we split into men/women groups to pray at the end which is handy for this sort of confession). So when
I said it the first time one of the women said that she had had intense longing/desire for a baby about a year after she and her husband were married
and then it went away and then she was just terrified and scared of it in a way, but they were trying at that point (a later point, after the year out bit).

And then one of the women at this knitting thing was like, oh, my gosh, isn't it just so crazy, it's like a CRAVING!! So greeting my SIL's announcement
was sort of wierd on my part except I am a fairly expressionless person facially (that sounds terrible, doesn't it... hm) so I'm wondering if even my
husband picked up on it. I hope i hope i hope he did not give my MIL this address... hi Lee! Thanks for this weekend! yes i am craving babies.

So it comes and it goes and I'm not really sure I know how to deal with this yet.

Moving right along...
My MIL loved the scarf and it was admired and stroked (Chinchilla and the ?Fantastica? eyelash novelty yarn sooooo soft in stripes). Not much knitting.
I can still think when I knit so I was trying to not brood so I was reading my FIL's copy of Steven King's "Everything's Eventual" quite good or playing the computer
game "Black and White" where you get to be god and that was fun too except for the learning curve part.
Better go up to the top of the post and typeDONT READ THIS IF YOU ARE MY FAMILY...

Biking was hard after 2 days not doing it but I muddled (and sweat, boy howdy) through.
The kitties missed us.
Must go now to the template and jam in my email addy.

clicky here if you are interested in finding secret treasure in your neck of
the woods and you have a GPS.