Thursday, April 25, 2002

oh ho-
tricky blogspot-- ?you can only link? to something within your site? I did the code for a link to my other website, and then when you rollover it, it stuck "" in front of it. Hmm. Well, don't click on that. So now at least I know how to jam code in where I want it. We're moving on up. Oh, do go and see my other website because I tire of all this dinking around here. At least if I do something poorly at the other one it will be my own fault and not because of trying to work in this interface. http:/

Good morning-

Well, I had thought that I would visit my friend who is now confined to bed rest (she's pregnant) to knit this morning, but I have a little bit of a sore throat and whether it's from allergies or strep (strep has been going around my work) I thought I should play it safe.
I should be sewing in the ends of that scarf...
My husband and I have been jokingly identifying our kitten-cat Penelope as a Norweigian Forest Cat. She does have the tail!! They sound like cool creatures. They get this really furry coat in the winter and then shed it in the summer. Except for the tail. We always were joking about how Penelope's mom must have gotten involved with a squirrel or something. IF I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO POST PICS and if I could get her to sit still long enough for me to take a pic, I'd post one.
Now she is trying to eat a shell from the peanut I just ate. Silly Penelope. I suppose if I were a good cat owner I'd stop her. Mostly she's just licking them.

I read this article about how you shouldn't put 2 spaces between the period and the beginning of your next sentence. How hard of a habit would that be to break? Now of course I can't find the link...
Ok, well, I guess I'll leave you with that. I'll try now to include a link to my other website.