Friday, January 08, 2010

Ah, little blog, how I have neglected thee...

Ah, little blog, how I have neglected thee...

was it the two year old, who, every time I sat down at the computer, wanted to climb up into my lap, severely interfering with my typing?

was it the uninspired 'get-'er-done-quick' meals?

was it a tad too much of volume after volume of 'in a series' sci fi/fantasy?

Who can say?

The above picture is one meal that stands out in the desert of pasta + sauce + veg/rice + sauce + veg that has been the modus operandi around here as of late...

I won't post the particulars, but it was penne pasta, glued together with a fake cheeze sauce, tediously vertically aligned in a spring form pan and baked, topped with sauce and fake mozzerella cheeze and sprinkled with dried parsley.

truly epic.

perhaps if I had used, you know, the flat ended kind of pasta, what's that called? instead of one that was cut on the diagonal. But who knows?

and what of all the reading that has surely transpired during this long blog drought? Well, the one that stands out was "Ship of Destiny" by Robin Hobb (yay!, a woman writer!), the last in a series 'The Liveship Traders' which I began, in my mind, to call 'Ship of Density' because, lo, truly, it took. me. forever. to finish. Bedtime would roll around and I'd think to myself, "Better get to reading 'ship of density'!".

I read the Harry Potter series somewhere in there and loved it.

Well, folks, that's all I've got for now, but I will try posting more often, especially as a)I'm still reading and b)I got a pressure cooker for Christmas and I'm inspired to cook again.