Friday, May 03, 2002

oh, ps
we are going to see Spiderman tonight. Ha, I am such a geek, and so is my husband.
Oh, and last night we went to Babani's which is the ONLY Kurdish restaurant in America or so they say
and they catered our wedding and it was so good so now I have yummy leftovers for lunch. Yum yum.

Hello again-

another post after an extended period. You know, after I posted my last post I was sort of mortified about myself
and so I think that's why I haven't posted. Plus, when you write something, it makes it real. And while, if say, I write
something quite personal in my hardcover journal I don't have to care about how giddy/silly/odd I sound, I DO care if I
know other's are reading this because I like to seem like a consistent, true-to-my-word kind of person. for example, if I say
"I want a baby." then I had better well not just go gallavanting off and never think about it again. Oh well, who can fathom...

Wheee! We are going to be the 'caretakers' of our apartment. So we get to clean a lot.
And today is show and tell. I will try hard to remember if any of the children say/show something funny. I try not
to laugh at the children, however, because I'm all about respecting children. Plus, I think that plays into why they like
show and tell, because it really is a platform for them to express themselves. You wouldn't want to express yourself
if all the other adults in the room started laughing, now would you. So.

I did a momentous thing- here's the deal, I have 2 projects going, a simple garter st eyelet bordered lime green washcloth
and this shawl I was working on all last summer when my husband and I did the Sunshine Coast
in Canada. Well, I was stuck, stuck, stuck. The shawl I had figured out all the lace patterns and wrote out the pattern and everything, but
at this point, it's at about 300+ sts on a #5 i think needle (small, anyway) with laceweight yarn. So I took it off the needles after mulling it over for a long time
because I was just going to frog it completely and use the yarn for something else, like socks. But then I laid it over my shoulders and it looked
so pretty and light and warm and after talking about it with my husband, I decided to plug on. So I'm going to go garter all the way and just try to plug away
at it until it's a decent length and maybe even move up a few needle sizes so it won't take so long. Yay me. Must go make shawl.

my other project is this cute little frog bag that i will post the link to later- i just have to sew on it's eyes and it's done. pics to come later.
dude, getting the sts onto the needles again from that shawl was like doing brain surgery. I've never done brain surgery, but I'm sure it's like that.

Did you know Lance Armstrong's muscles do not start to burn (that's from lactic acid) like the rest of us mere mortal's do? He has some kind of higher
threshhold with that AND with the amount of oxygen he can take in. VO2 if I understand correctly, which I may not. I'm reading "It's Not About the Bike".