Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Jumpin' on the bandwagon here...
Type "Your name is" into Google (don't forget the quotation marks) and see what you come up with.
These are a few of the funnier ones from the first few pages.

Miss Elizabeth" is still milking close to 100 pounds per day and enjoying
life on the farm. She will be bred soon to calve again next year.

Elizabeth is known worldwide for accurate life readings.

Elizabeth is presented as a glamorously stressed-out
modern woman who must cope with a super-intense case of having it all.

"Elizabeth is a
wonderfully compassionate and effective teacher and therapist."

The population of Elizabeth
is approximately 818.

Elizabeth is renowned for her garden and you can enjoy
home-made elderflower cordial and obtain free cuttings.

Elizabeth is among those few
women that really make our blood boil (in a good way).

Elizabeth is most fortunate to have Thurisaz, the gateway, in her name, which provides her a place in her mind to gather strength and contemplate hidden aspects of the self.

Elizabeth is fed up of taking her clothes off on the big screen.