Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Good evening---
when i wrote that I suddenly thought of that guy from, what was it, Masterpiece Theatre. Remember when they did a send-up of that on Sesame Street? Was it Grover? Someone in a wine colored leather chair.
Okay, so I made it around the Knitblogs ring- wow, that took some time!!
I'm sitting here watching the sun go down- the sky is all pinkish orange and the tree's bare branches look black and beautiful against it... my older kitty is in the window and the kitten-ish littler one, Penelope, is on the carpet here. So nice.
I finished my MIL's b-day present last night- it's a scarf which isn't really a springy gift, now is it? But it is soooooo silky soft and touchable and I put a slit in it ala Not Martha so she can cinch it up around her neck. Given that Friday it was freezing and this weekend it snowed, and then today was in the 70's, who knows?!? maybe she will get to wear it!!
What else, what else. I am working on a washcloth, woo hoo! a lime green one for a friend who likes that color. It has eyelets around the edges and is worked diagonally. Somehow, one would think that sort of garter stitch thing would be pretty obvious, but I spent a good while trying to figure out how to a) not increase too fast and b) not have it get all puckery in the middle. I used up some wierd non-identifiable yarn I (sort of) dyed a blechy red color and made a similar washcloth but not on the diagonal and with the eyelets every other row.
Working a few full days full time has led me to the verge of a headache. I know I get small sympathy from people who work full time all the time, so I will not whine or whinge. Maybe I need new contacts.
Okay, maybe I will go putz around and try to get up a new template. Putting the knitblogs 'button' in a sort-of right place has inspired me. Sorry about that whole hassle.