Tuesday, May 21, 2002

So, knitting. Well, I finished the headkercheif and used a yellow ribbon woven through the eyelets to be the ties. My friend said it looked Swedish or something. Hm.
I guess I really am a geek. This here blog is just turning into a load of my favorite dippy links and really less of a journal let alone about knitting. Ah well. I would aspire to be as some of the greats here in this ring but I just don't have the patience to document my projects or offer up tutorials or whatever. That would be great, but I'm not sure it's really going to happen. Can I be the geek of the ring, please, please, please?!?! And I promise I will try to tell you all about any knitting I do. There, that's all I can offer, I guess... some amusing, perhaps interesting links and once in a while a post about my life and/or knitting.

My best friend (one of three) called to tell me she's pregnant!!! They're not telling anyone much until the 3mo. spot but I figure there's not much chance of anyone knowing and (duh) esp. if I don't really give out any details, huh? Of course, it was sort of hard. Again, I think that because I am an only child, I didn't learn at an early age that SOMETIMES OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO MAJOR LIFE EVENTS FIRST. I was jealous when she got married and now I'm jealous because she is having a baby first. That sounds terrible, so please remember that I am as happy for her as I am jealous and we human beings can have complicated feelings all jumbled up at once. I'm still not really sure what the reason is, perhaps it is at base selfishness and not trusting God to provide and take care of me. I had a talk Sunday with Steve, a friend of my husband's and mine and he is possibly (hopefully, I think) going to get engaged to a woman who has a ?5? year old. The little girl is jealous and her mom tells her that when she has that attitude, it shows that she really isn't trusting God to take care of her and provide for her. So I need to apply that to my life. Hopefully I can come to some sort of peaceful place with this (it's not SO huge and horrible, but I do know that something's askew in my heart here) before I go to visit said friend. Anyway, I just need to be patient both with myself and the situation. Just as before when I was single and I wondered and prayed about if I would ever be married I felt like the uncertainty was so hard, so it is again now. Sometimes we just have to live with uncertainty and make friends with it somehow.

As I was surfing around the ring, I noticed some of you Blogspot people are down...
Here is the official deal and a suggestion to get yourselves back online...

just for old memories sake...
did any of you ever play those computer games before they had graphics? well here
DNA/HHGG Infocom Adventure you go. It's the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy game on thier webpage. Good luck getting out of the bedroom-- I sure couldn't.

A ha! Now we know...How GoogleTM really does it.
Google Technology

More for you twitchy people...
Pentix - The Art of Pen Spinning (updated 05/18/2002)

Here's a neat trick to show all your friends...
$20 Bill Commemoration of 9/11

What's big and pink and rhymes with rock?
Culled from frankgumola.

Blah... I'm sick.
I will lamely now post some other people's Star Wars reviews;
Richard's Dish regarding how 'the kiss' comes too early in the movie and how a scene could be rewritten...
Day Old Bread Store
in which it is proposed that it is not unlikely or even unreal that Senator Padme should love Ani (I only disagree with her statement that what's her face needs a boob job, myself being small in the boob area as well as well as a vegetarian)
and finally,
The Weekly Standard in which it is argued that the Empire is not evil (scroll down)- kind of a long one, but interesting...
methinks some people take this somewhat seriously.