Monday, June 09, 2008

DIY Shrinky Dink Experiential

We just did this and it was so fun!!!!!!
First, get your #6 plastic and cut it into reasonable pieces with no imprints or anything.
Then, get your magic eraser and scrub and scrub them...

'til they look like this;

Then color! We used some permanent markers and some colored pencils. The colored pencils gave a much more iced/blurred/frosted look than the marker.

Haha, oops, yes that is my coffee mug...

The color will look like hardly anything, but remember, as it shrinks up, the color will concentrate.

Now you can cut and hole punch holes in them. The hole punch sized hole makes a perfect small hole for a jump ring.

Bake at 350 degrees until they stop shrinking- they will contort and curl and look all crazy but do not fear! Eventually they settle down! I used parchment paper and they came out all nice and flat.
Now you can sand them or whatever! Those sharp corners are sharp!

The second one from the left was the colored pencil one and it's design was less sharp. I colored on both sides and got a cool layered effect from it! I really liked the marker ones... if you cut out quarter sized circles, they make nice stitch markers or zipper pulls!

Woo! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE SHRINKY DINKS!!! I will HAVE to try this! COol! Now, off to find some #6 plastic. What kind of things are usually #6? Thanks for the great ideas and pictures! :D

elizabeth said...

Whoah, sorry to reply so late! The kinds of plastic that you can use come from deli take out containers, restaurant take out... I just kept an eye out until I found some stuff. I was so excited when I got my leftovers at the restaurant it was ridiculous!!