Sunday, May 05, 2002

well, we did go and see Spiderman and it was quite fun. Kind of a boobie-centric film, but maybe the teenage boy demographic is what they were aiming at.
maybe it was just me. I'd ask you all to comment, but after visiting YACCS I can't seem to get it going. Yet. I will persevere.

It is storming here, there was a little hail a minute ago and now the sun is blazing this crazy intense yellow as it sets and there is no sunset, just grey clouds all around it so it looks very freaky. You know how sometimes when it's storming all the light turns this wierd yellow...

No knitting news, I'm afraid. I think that shawl is killing me. That and I'm lazy. Did a lot of surfing yesterday. I'll go look up some links.

I changed my links color so that now you can find them. Good job, huh? Yes, I am here to please.
here is a new extreme New Zealand sport. I would like to go to NZ if anything to just Zorb and see the sheep. (I want a sheep, did I mention?). I was in NZ once, the summer before last, in fact, but alas and alack, it was only in the airport, so all I got to see of NZ was some jade and a lot of little kiwi keyrings.

Here are some more poem words for you;