Friday, October 03, 2008

And this lamp.

What We Had For Dinner Last Night

This was a mix of the CSA broccoli we got, some pasta shells, some garlic and Dragonfly's Bulk Dry Uncheese, oh yeah, and some TVP. Ta da!

I was going to make it with some tomato sauce from all the heirloom tomatoes we got from the CSA, and I blanched the tomatoes and then deseeded them and depulped them and then I had so much liquid I decided to save it. Anyhow, we got some bee-yuu-ti-ful oregano so perhaps I'll make some actual sauce with it ?and freeze it? for the winter...

Reading "The Sunrise Lands" by Stirling, you know, that series that I've started and stopped and started and stopped? I gave up on "The Protector's War" but this one is great so far- he catches you up with what happened with that one, and so I get all the bonuses of having read it, but without having to slog through all the war stuff. So, there's that. I'm enjoying it so far. We're getting closer to figuring out what happened to cause the end of the world. I'm sure it will be some kind of huge Wicca fest at the end.

Sick, bleh.

I want one of these.