Sunday, May 12, 2002

Friday we went geocaching!!!. But we did not get the cache (pronounced 'cash').
Not yet. It got tooo dark. And from the look of things, our final destination was/is going to be the river, so we decided to call it
a night and go back later.
Have you ever knit an egg cozy? Well I did, and if I were ambitious, I would go and find the link for you... hold on...
chicken egg cozy
anyway, one of the cache items is a wind up bunny ala Easter findings at your local Walgreen's
and the egg cozy fits perfectly over it! So it is a chibbit and into the cache it will go...
So any of you in the MN area going to Minnehaha Falls, the challenge is on! Go and get the Chibbit!
For the rest of you, maybe I will post pictures later. Ta.

Happy Mother's Day!
I hopefully will become a mother some day.
Mother's Day is kind of bittersweet for me as my mother died when I was 17.
I was going to wear the velvet rust blazer I wore to the funeral to church this morning, but I found
that I had, in a fit of industrious simplifiying, simplified it out of (my) existence.

I took the last three days off of cycling (we've just been cycling indoors on the trainers) because
I was tired. Maybe I am 'overtraining'. I slept a ton on Saturday.

Friday we went The UnMuseum - The Mystery Pit of Oak Island aka How Human Curiosity Sometimes Leads to Human Suffering.

Here is a link to a Slashdot story commenting on a Salon story. You know all the talk lately about putting all the nuclear waste in Nevada at Yucca Mountain? Well, the PDF file linked here has lots of info about how we might go about marking the site for 10,000 years so that no one in the future will drill there. At the bottom of the article are the reports by 'team a' and 'team b' which I skimmed. Team A has a bunch of appendixes detailing how to make this area stand as a warning and look foreboding and unhospitable. Things like 'field of thorns' and 'ring of rubble' 'leaning spikes' and 'black hole'. Wow. This all reads like a sci fi novel and raises the question, how do we guarantee that future generations will not disturb this area?
Lots to read if you click on the PDF file!!