Tuesday, May 14, 2002

- - - > PromoGuy.net Presents: Monday Mission 2.19
And, even though it's a little late...
here's my first Monday Mission 2.19

1. Have you ever given someone a present you just KNEW would be "da bomb" and when they opened it you could tell they just hated it? What's the story there?
I don't know if I'd say 'hated', but I have had the experience where I built up how wonderful something would be for someone and then it was, of course, anti-climactic. Can't think of any specifics, though.

2. What do you do that you would prefer that Mother never finds out about?
Well, my mother won't find out, I don't think. Sometimes in the past I have smoked.

3. Ever get in any arguments with your mother? What was one of the worst?
I have vague memories of an argument I had with my mother shortly before she died. I had been to Eastern Europe and I didn't get some gifts for relatives and I, of course, didn't care, but she was being thoughtful and I, being a teenager, thought it was a fake keeping up with the Joneses kind of thing, anyway, that was the last thing we fought about. I was a terrible teenager.

4. When was the last time someone special hurt your feelings? Did you tell them or keep it to yourself?
I am usually pretty good now about telling someone if they hurt my feelings, especially since most of my relationships I would say are pretty healthy. But, I guess I probably wouldn't really tell my dad, because I'm not sure what good it would do. Maybe I would.

5. Has your mother ever laid any guilt trips on you or made you feel like you can't do something good enough?
I always felt that my mom wanted me to be the best I could be, even if that meant that it came across as disapproving or that she wanted me to be different. I think that personality wise we were pretty different. I bet that if she still were alive, if we had been able to work through all that, that we would be much closer now that I am an adult. (aagh, I can't believe I just said I'm an adult!!!)

6. Looking back on your life, was there ever a point you see as the "crossroads" where you made a decisions that changed the course of your life? A path you did not take? What was that path, and do you ever daydream about what your life would have been like on the "road not taken?" Tell me about that.
I came to a point when I could have chosen a life of bitterness or I could forgive. I had just embraced my faith in God in a whole new way and I was presented with the choice to forgive someone who had hurt me very much (an ex) or move on in forgiveness and I can clearly recall a point when, as I was thinking about it, that I saw two roads lying ahead of me and I knew (we all know people who live their lives in bitterness, right?) that I wanted to take the road of forgiveness. Even though the other person didn't (and probably hasn't) said "I'm sorry" etc. It took the Lord's help for me to walk on that road and stay on it and I thank Him for it.

7. That was an awesome picnic basket you put together, let's stroll out by the lake as the sun sets. A cool breeze blows off the lake as the orange and red reflects off the ripples in the water. I can tell something is on your mind and I ask you. You think about how to reply but finally you say ...
It's important to grapple with where you stand before God.

BONUS: What do you think will come of that? The above? Hopefully only good. I'm assuming #7 is asking said blogger to talk about what they consider one of the most crucial issues in life (that's how I'm interpreting it, at least) and so I do believe that only good can come of grappling with these big questions. It's been good for me, at least.

Last night I went to the knitting club- it's a bunch of moms who know each other from somewhere else and I just go for the knitting. It's really fun and stuff- it makes me sort of want a house, I just live in an apartment. And kids, even thought they are like, wow, kids are a lot of work etc. etc.

We will be the caretakers of our apartment real soon. That means we get to vacuum.

So the knitting club thing-y has been the only place I've been knitting at lately. It's nice to have that one time in the week that I will for sure knit during. There is talk of doing it every other week, though. But I guess that would be fine. It's a good time of girl talk and the women there hold various and sundry opinions about everything, mostly different than what I think, so it's been broadening. After a year of settling into marriage with Dan, a year in which we mostly saw each other, it's good to start making girlfriends and such. That is another reason I enjoy the Knitblogs webring- it's a chance to make friends and hear about other's lives. I really think girlfriends are important, and mine are all in Milwaukee, WI, about 6 hours away, so that stinks.

I subscribed to 'wanderlust' but I haven't put the link up on my page yet!! Will the wanderlust police come and get me?!?! I am a bad blogger.

Aaaaand, in the coffee vein again (I am going to get around to joining that coffee clique) here is today's Too Much Coffee Man cartoon. Check out the archives if you get a chance!

It's This or That Tuesday!!
Here are my answers for your perusal...
1. Chihuahua or Great Dane?
Great Dane- small dogs suck.

2. Skyline or countryside?Countryside.
Gotta have lots of room for that Great Dane to roam. Plus the sheep, goats, llamas etc. I'd love to have someday...

3. Wrestle or box?
Wrestle- pain freaks me out.
Wrestling seems like there's some skill to it. Bear in mind that I'm talking about the kind of wrestling you did in high school, so it's not wrestiling ala WWE.

4. Monkey bars or slide? Slide.
I always stunk at the monkey bars; not enough upper arm strength.

5. Stars or stripes? Stars.

6. Ashley, Wynonna, or Naomi Judd?
Uuum. I really don't know much about any of them. Isn't Naomi the oldest?

7. "The Cosby Show" or "Growing Pains"? Growing Pains.
I thought the Cosby Show was sort of fake-y.

8. Giggle or chuckle? Chuckle.
I will on occasion give even a good guffaw.

9. Would you rather: walk in front of a crowd in your birthday suit, or eat worms?
Hard one, probably walk in front of a crowd. Hey, I do have a blog that complete strangers can read, right?

10. Charismatic or gregarious?
Gregarious to me sounds like friendly, and charismatic has connotations of cult leader etc. etc. so I'll go with gregarious.