Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh, I'm Sorry...

I went to the doctor yesterday, thinking I had a sinus infection, but no, it's allergies.

I'd almost rather have had the sinus infection because then I could take antibiotics and have done with it!

Anyway, he did the normal check out my throat, my ears, then he's like "Let's take a look inside your nose." to which I responded something like, "Sorry. Fun for you, huh?" all apologizing for his having to look in my nose. What kind of weird response was that? I always trip myself out with my odd behavior when I'm at the doctor. Since when do I apologize to you for your having to do your job? Next thing you know I'll be sitting out on the curb waiting for the garbagepeople/persons just so I can say "Oh, gosh, sorry about all this garbage, what a drag for you...". Humph.

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