Sunday, May 11, 2008

Log, blogged.

So last night we had the last of the 'chick'n' log. I cut it up into leetle tiny pieces and put it in a stew. This was a one pot meal as I was short on time after getting back from the fiber festival and winding my wool into centrepullballs (which is one of my favorite things to do) takes a while. I was filled with glee!

So I took 1 T of olive oil in a big ol' enameled cast iron pot (the bialetti one from Target) (the red one) and then minced up our !last clove of garlic! (whoop! whoop! whoop! danger will robinson!) and sauteed that (don't you love how saute sounds so much fancier than just plain old frying?). Then I added my fancypants can of cannelini beans (which I could not find anywhere except at the coop in dried, bulk form but I finally got some at Trader Joe's- remind me to tell you about our trip to Trader Joe's sometime). And I didn't even rinse or drain them!!
While this was all going on, I nuked some frozen spinach in the microwave for 7 m. And I added a heaping t of poultry seasoning and 1/2 t salt which I should have added before I added the beans because it would have mixed in better. So- garlic, spices, beans, chick'n, spinach and... one cup of Minute rice. Add about another 2 C water and simmer til done. Voila!

It was pretty good for a one pot meal. I served Ritz crackers with it to be ritzy.

I finished reading Rose Daughter and really enjoyed it. I tried putting it down for a bit to work on the mitts and got as far as to realize that I need some chunk of time and clearheadedness to make some changes which I wasn't willing to do at that time. But I am hacking away at this problem. After reading these McKinley books I have decided to consider them enchanted and so each time I pick them up it may seem like nothing is happening, but all of a sudden at some point in the (I hope, I hope) near future BLAM they will be magnificent.

Now I am reading McKinley's Hero and the Crown. Did I mention I'm glad I grabbed all those books by her?

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