Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay folks, last night's supper was super simple and pretty good, nothing to serve to the guests, though;

Take one can of Manwich,
Dump it into a pot with 1 C elbow macaroni
and 1 C TVP (or 2 packets Boca ground beef)
1 T oil
and 2 cans of water (4C water)

because I love you, (and because I hate being imprecise), I measured what one can of water is and it's 2 C. Maybe you all knew that!

Bring to a boil, cover, lower heat and cook until macaroni is done.
Stir often if you are using TVP because it tends to stick, but maybe that's just me. Or my pot. Or something. Maybe it was the weather.
Probably you should saute onion and garlic in that oil first, but I was lazy. Also, it was an experiment. Also I didn't have enough time to let it simmer uncovered to thicken into a stew-like substance, so I (gah!) added a heaping T cornstarch. Now you know my dirty secret...
p.s. don't ever add cornstarch to actively boiling liquid, it just turns into a clump.
p.p.s. mix the cornstarch with a little water, then a little of the sauce, THEN dump it in.

Did you know that the Cure has a new album out and they're releasing a single off it every 13th of the month (how goth) until the CD is released and I heard one last night and it sounded just like their old stuff... very disturbing. Something about 'it makes my head go crazy'.

Also, at my eye doctor, I saw these contact cases for sale, they were all enameled up with gold swirls and stuff and I got all on my imaginary platform in my head and huffed "They're not contact cases! They're contact case cases!!!!" Besides which, like, who needs a case for their case?!? That just seems riduculous to me. But here you go.

In other news, I finished the Blue Sword. Meh.
Must try to get to library Friday.

Also sent pattern off to test knitter! Yay Ravelry!! I found her on Ravelry.

Here's how I feel about sending it off- It's my bayyyybeeee! Like I'm a mom sending her kid off to summer camp or something.

Here's to more proper eating in the future, like tonight. We'll see what my fevered imagination comes up with.

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