Friday, June 27, 2008

You pansy!

Look what I found on our front stoop yesterday!! Isn't he beautiful (maybe it's a she)? Did you know that the eardrum of a toad is bigger than it's eye if it's a boy and smaller if it's a girl? Don't say I never share with you...

Well, I keep thinking that I want to show you the yarn I got at the Mexican grocery, but I didn't want to keep calling it that, 'cause that sounds bad and I should be more accurate. So I thought, okay, I'll go online and figure out the name of this place (I did look last time, but then it flew right out of my head!). So I google, mexican grocery sparta wi and this is what I come up with! Scandal! It's dated '05 and I don't really have any way to verify any of it, so take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, they're there now, so I guess it blew over?/was resolved somehow.

So I went to La Tienda Mexicana a few weekends ago and got some yarn!!! It's OmegaCrys and it's a acrylic poly blend. And it's pink!!

It's laceweight, so heaven knows why I got it, oh yea, that's right, it's yarn. I envision a baby blanket of some kind?

Also we got our CSA veggies, week 2! I'm most excited about rhubarb, in fact, I'm fantasizing about making more microwave jam using rhubarb and strawberries... I'm guessing I'd have to cook the rhubarb a little first somehow. I love rhubarb- I used to run around outside in the summer in our back yard as a kid sucking on a big stick of it. Weird.

spring onions!

some unidentifiable herbs because I forgot my sheet!

arugula which I had to eat all by myself because my husband hates it!

lettuce! I think it's ?butter? lettuce!

more broccoli! we have to eat this tonight, probably with tempeh!

the rhubarb I'm so excited about- I even forgot to get one more stalk in there!!!!

the few radishes that were left (we snacked on these on the way home- yum!)

the pansies I forgot to show you last time...

That's it folks. Maybe I will go start reading Wharton.


Mallika said...

I'd be totally interested in hearing how best to cook rhubarb. Being Indian and all, it's one of the few British fruits I am yet to sample cooking with.

elizabeth said...

Hi Mallika!
I made a pan of rhubarb bars this weekend, and I just sliced the rhubarb really thin, mixed it with strawberries and lots of sugar and baked it. I also made a sauce with rhubarb and strawberries (see my next post), but for that I blanched the rhubarb first. Rhubarb has such strong memory associations for me- we had it a lot when I was a kid. Someday maybe I'll grow it myself!