Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Potluck, ho!

This past weekend I had two potlucks to attend and one 'bring a treat'.
The potluck is a curious creature, much dependent upon the canniness of the attendee.
Her outward appearance is ever changing, but her soul remains the same...
Huh? (wipes drool from mouth) Oh, what was I saying?
Yes, so I brought casseroles! My favorite!!
One was based on Lachesis' Alfredo Stroganoff sauce, I've blogged it before, (no pic), I used CSA broccoli (I kinda felt bad smothering them in this casserole, but it was for the greater good). Everyone said they liked it (for goodness sake- a whole stick of Earth Balance!).

Then I made the baked lentils doubled everything, with maple syrup this time for the sweetener and 1 T onion soup mix, no other spices. Served over rice. That was pretty good too, just a tidge sweet, though, so I thought it was kinda strange. Next attempt, molasses.

And I made this go anywhere rhubarb bars recipe which was ok, but nothing too fantastic. Dropped out the eggs (in the filling- gack!) of course, but when I was pressing the crust into the pan I was thinking, "Shouldn't there be some, say, soymilk, in here? This is pretty strange.". I 'prebaked' the bottom crust, but didn't really need to because in an attempt to get the top to brown, the bottom got a leeetle burned. I thought about blanching the rhubarb, but I just sliced them really thin (like wooden yardstick thin) and woo! it worked.

Going camping, prepping food.

No reading, no knitting.

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