Saturday, August 23, 2008

CSA veg!

Aubergines! Purple fruit is incredibly cool. In my next post you will see what I did with them... well, at least the big'un.
Red potatoes! I never know what to do with potatoes. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

Look at these!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, after becoming enraptured of paprikash and so forth, I am really excited about these this year (I think we just ate them out of hand last year). What to do, what to do? They are paprika peppers! I sure hope we can get some of these red and then maybe I will try and dry them or something...Here is some lovely chard. Gotta use this before it gets all floppy.

Here is some parsley! I can make parsley pesto again! Or maybe I should try something else?
Here is our pickle pack, which is a good idea, but I have to go pick up some jars, that should be easy enough, right? I've never canned before, but I DO have a wire cooling rack and a giant pot. Some weekend in September? I think next week we'll get another one so maybe sometime that week I should be a-picklin'.
Here are some dragon beans. They are dragon lingerie (woo!) dragon tongue beans. No idea what to do with these, already I was stumped with the yellow and green ones... froze those. Maybe I should pickle these, huh? What do you think, on my pickling extravaganza weekend (or weekday) in September?
Fennel. I am the only one who will eat this. Too bad, suckas!
And of course we had so much more!! More tomatoes! Walla walla onions! Lettuce mix with tomatoes! Zucchini and summer squash! I love our CSA.

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