Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aebleskiver, aebleskiver, aebleskiver.

Wow! What a weekend!! We. did. a. ton. of. stuff...
We went blueberry AND apple picking at Cain's Orchard! This was the best. I mean, check out that view below! The blueberry bushes and the apple trees were right within walking distance of each other, and they were both packed with blueberries and apples!! So bounteous!

We got to ride out on the tractor, which was such a seminal experience for D. when he was a child, we tried to pass it on to the girls last year when we went to an orchard near our home to pick apples, but THERE WAS NO TRACTOR! Bah. This was so, so much cooler. Also, the apple trees you can pick from are not in the parking lot. Also, there are no semi trucks bringing in all the apples you see already bagged up in the store (the owner outed an orchard near our home, the one we went to last year, actually, and told us that they sell apples from another orchard- SCANDAL!).
This, my friend, is a bushel of apples.

Oh, I also got an aebleskiver pan at the store at Cain's. Whoah- there was so much kitcheny goodness there I almost peed! Seriously. I'm kicking myself for not picking up another set of measuring spoons... Anyway, I'm really excited about the aebelskiver pan because you can use it to, duh, make aebleskiver, but also Poffertjes, appam and takoyaki. It was totally serendipitous that, after seeing this post on aebleskiver pans, I went to Cain's and saw one there! Can't wait to try it out (although wikipedia tells me I got the pan for a gas stove, not an electric, d'oh!)!

We also had another experience of Wisconsin's beauty! We went on a hike with some friends to Wildcat Mound. Let me tell you, we are going back there when the leaves have turned!!! Gorgeous views of rolling hills, sandstone bluffs, beautiful pines... incredible! It was deserted on a Sunday morning and we and the kids had fun clambering up rocks, tasting pine nut seeds, playing in the sand, picking up rocks and acorns and playing with sticks.

So I finished up Eragon, started the next one (can you believe it?).

No knitting.

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