Thursday, September 04, 2008


The above was a tasty lunch from yesterday. 1 C small tricolor pasta boiled up, with 2 small yellow squash quartered and sauteed in butter with a dash of garlic salt. Mix it all up and yum!
I also made bread yesterday! A new recipe. Found a link to it somewhere yesterday surfing and can't for the life of me find it again! So, sorry! vegan person who inspired me to try this bread and now I can't give credit where credit is due!
The taste was not as good as our other bread recipe, I don't think, but it was a nice change and there were a few techniques that I tried and liked! For example, you just scoop up rounded cupfuls of flour, so much easier than scooping spoonfuls of flour into the cup measure and then leveling it. I feel so free! So laissez-faire, oh, wait, that's not how to use that expression, my bad! So footloose and fancy free! Also I baked it in a cold oven without preheating! Woo! Another time saving step! Overall, this recipe was super easy and got good results, I'm going to tinker with it and add some vital wheat gluten and maybe some more yeast, although I do like the small amount of yeast it does use... not that yeast is THAT expensive...

I also made some soup and I must tell you truly- do not use a lot of lemon thyme to flavor anything. Whoah. Srsly. The whole soup tasted sour. Boo. In other news, however, I felt like having spices in the backyard was great and plan to plant more next year. The only drawback is that they'll die now, it seems like such a waste. Maybe I will venture to bring them inside, but that seems like a lot of hassle.

Did I tell you the refrigerator pickles were yummy? Yes they were and are. And, the pickle jar sealed itself, isn't that wierd? I am counting it as a good thing.

No knitting, no reading. Bah.

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