Monday, November 24, 2008

A Doughy Coupla Days

First up, Coconut Curry Tofu Bake with Mushrooms and Chickpeas, sans mushrooms.
This came from one of my favorite sites, Just the Food.
This was very good, especially with the sauce. The base of the casserole was a dough and tofu mixture and mine came out a little gooey... perhaps next time I'd prebake the bottom a little to crispen it up and then put the toppings on. Another fun idea would be to combine the sauce with the chickpeas right in the casserole. Holy cow this was rich and good, though.
Thanks Joni!!

And next up is Beans 'n' dumplings (scroll down)
This was a good supper, but next time I'll just make my dumplings the way I always do- separately and without the tofu in there.
I think I mismeasured the amount of silken tofu to make the dough for the dumplings (I used 2/3 of a package silken tofu)- I had to add quite a bit of flour (more like 2 C instead of the 1 C called for in the recipe) to get a dough. And then these were chewy, not fluffy. Now, I'm not saying they weren't good, but they were doughy. It's been a doughy coupla days.

Well, I feel like I'm living in a fable or something... you've heard of nursemaid's elbow? well I've got washerwoman's wrist (really it's washerwoman's sprain, but I like the alliteration). Yes, Flylady gave me washerwoman's wrist. Why oh why can I never do things moderately??!?

So of course, now all of a sudden I've got a million knitting projects I want to be working on, plus I still would like to clean my house, plus writing and so forth... but I have to rest my wrist. I'm trying to take the long view, like, not damaging myself and stuff, so moderation here I come.

Finished Good Omens, a lovely book. Really enjoyed it and so, so much fun. Glad I own it, to boot! If you like Ray Bradbury crossed with Douglas Adams, you're in business (just kidding, I hate it when people compare authors to other authors, but there you go).

Not going to finish "Twilight of the Superheroes", could just not figure out where she was going and it was a little too introspective or something...

Started "I Sailed with Magellan" reminds me of "Middlesex" for some reason, maybe it's this plunge into another persons worldview that's so strong. Interesting so far. Characters that are larger than life.


Kristin said...

I loved Good Omens. I like to re-read it every couple of years just for fun. If you haven't already, give Terry Pratchett's other books a try.

For the Love of Guava said...

Hey you! So all your book reviews have got me hankering for a good read... my new knitting hobby has sort of put my reading to a standstill since it's hard to hold a book and my knitting needles...especially at this amateur stage! :) I thought I'd pass a link onto though
Goodreads is like facebook for us book nerds... lots of reviews... I haven't been on a lot lately but I was totally obsessed for awhile! Let me know if you join and we can be goodreads friends! :)

Lindsay I-F said...

A butterfly award for me? do you have a link to it? you said come see but i am not sure where i am supposed to look

elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment, which Pratchett book would you recommend? Isn't the first the Colour of Magic or something?

Hey, BTW, thanks for the butterfly award, I finally got to passing it on... thanks so much!
I am on goodreads too!! I think my username is centrepullball!
Also I'm on Ravelry as centrepullball, although I haven't done much lately... I do have projects going, just haven't logged them in... I'll have to friend you on both! Let me know your name...

Sorry I did not have the post posted yet when I commented!!! Whoops, I feel like an archaic dinosaur or something, apologies, apologies! You can find the rules at For the Love of Guava to pass it on!