Monday, March 09, 2009

The Carb Edition

So, I made bread. My standard recipe, but of course, I couldn't just MAKE it again, I had to fiddle. So I added 2 things. First, a baby food jar of carrots. Yes, you read that right. It does not change the flavor, just makes the bread a golden color. Woo. If you are really wedded to the idea of golden loaves of bread you should do this.

Secondly, I added 1/8th teaspoon of powdered ginger. I did this because I read somewhere that it is a dough enhancer. I was skeptical, but you know what? It really worked!! I really think it made a difference, especially because I used both vital wheat gluten and potato flakes (okay, so I added THREE things 1/2 C potato flakes if you are interested) in this loaf and that usually makes for a super dense loaf, but this time it wasn't as dense. Finally, a use for my powdered ginger!

Oho! Aaaaaaand, I also made English muffins Saturday morning and they were splendiferous!!! I got a recipe from my friend Maggie (Hi, Maggie!) and it. turned. out. wonderfully. So happy!

Maggie's English Muffins

4 C AP flour
1 1/2 t salt
1 1/2- 1 2/3 C lukewarm soymilk
1/2 t sugar
1 T yeast
1 T oil
cornmeal for dusting

Mix flour and salt. Start yeast in a bowl with soymilk (I use vanilla soymilk in all my cooking and baking -gasp-and never really notice any vanilla taste) and sugar. Stir in oil. Mix dry and wet, beat until soft and just holds it's shape. Add a little flour if needed.
Cover and let rise 1 hour or overnight in the refridgerator (this is what I did) until doubled.
Roll out to 1/2" thickness.
Cut out circles, dust with cornmeal and place on baking sheet, cornmeal side down to rise, covered with a damp cloth for 20-30m.
Cook on a medium hot ungreased skillet for 3-4m on each side until golden brown and cooked through.
Can be frozen.
Do this now.

And what we had for dinner last night. Kind of a strange supper, but it was so nice yesterday it was sort of a reminiscent move because we always have hummus and pita on our summer picnics. I've posted my pita recipe before, this time I added a pinch of powdered ginger, just for kicks. Some of the pitas made lovely pockets, so we'll call this a win.

And my hummus recipe is also up, this time I used 1 t sumac, so now you know my secret hummus ingredient. It is quite tasty.

Read "Everything Is Illuminated" and enjoyed it, just confused as to what exactly went on. I am dense. Netflixed (yes, I just used that as a verb) the movie, maybe this will help clear things up.

Finished "Eat, Pray, Love", as I told a friend of mine, made me want to run off to India. Husband says no. Awwww! Good book, loved her honesty. V. inspiring.

Started knitting a sweater. Cannot say more for fear I will jinx myself.

Am now reading "Embrace Me" and finding it very emotionally draining or something? Have to stop and put it down every once in a while, which I hardly ever do with books (see: incredibly fast reading pace).


J mom said...

I just made a your hummus recipe today. I have no clue what sumac is though - you are stretching me once again! We love the hummus and are enjoying it this week with tortillas and tons of veggies. Yum!

Margaret said...

Hmm, what is 'sumac'? :) Will try your hummus recipe soon.

Just made hummus last night. Love the stuff! Was the third time I ever made it myself. Got my recipe form 'Cooks Illustrated' magazine, which promised a smooth, not coarse texture. The long and the short of it... the oil and tahini are mixed well together, and added slowly to the blended chickpea, spice, lemon juice, poured and mixed gradually as if making a mayonnaise. I doubled up on the recipe (28 on. of chickpeas in total) which may have made the difference, but I needed to keep adding extra liquid (water/lemon juice) to moisten and loosen the mixture. It just wouldn't mix and turn over in my blender, the blades spinning hard and purposelessly at the base. I eventually got it to blend by adding the extra liquid it seems, but also, adding the oil/tahini blend slowly as directed did result in a smooth texture. The hummus had good taste but could have take a bit more cayenne and cumin, and even though I doubled up on the garlic could have use another clove. I love the garlic! But having read your hummus recipe and your experience with the large and abundant cloves of strong garlic, you can have 'too much' of a good thing. In that I agree! lol

I think I need to make the hummus in a food processor and not my blender (which overheated last night). My processor is on loan to my son. Looking at getting a new one... any suggestions of make? What do you use?

For the Love of Guava said...

yeah I had big plans to drop everything move to italy and eat as much possible as well :)

teehee... you are a fast reader! Must make english muffins... but still haven't conquered your bagels yet! Maybe this weekend...

P.s. good luck on your sweater... i've been aching to try a cardigan but haven't been brave enough!

elizabeth said...

J mom- Sumac is a tart spice used in Middle Eastern cooking... it also makes these cool pink streaks in your hummus! Hee! Glad to hear the hummus recipe is still 'in rotation'!

Margaret- wow! I'll have to try that blender version of hummus as per 'cooks illustrated'. you know, just for something different... yes, we looooove garlic! I always make mine in my Kitchen Aid ?12? cup food processor- I really like it, it's sturdy and should last me a long time! you should check it out- it's a good investment!

gg- do make those bagels, baby! :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to try some sumac in my hummus next time. I like sumac!

Really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. I found myself getting sad toward the end of each section, wondering how I could possibly enjoy the following section as much! But I really did. Glad you enjoyed it too! :)