Monday, May 19, 2008

I Need An Authority Figure

Good morning!

Well, last night we had a sort of boring easy meal, but it was still good...
We ate Pasta e Fagioli which is a fancy way of saying pasta with beans...
I had quite a few recipes for this with different variations (add sausage, diced tomatoes) but in the end I just went with simple.

Sauteed some onion and garlic, added a can of drained northern beans, added 1/2 t sage and 1 t italian seasoning and then put it over spaghetti.

The beans got kind of mushy, but what can you do?

So last week I reached my breaking point with my oldest daughter's potty training and after an embarrassing public potty accident experience, I drove home vowing to call the doctor. I figured an impartial authority figure reiterating what we've been saying over and over ad nauseum might help.

So I did, actually I called the nurse line or whatever and I was imagining this scenario-
Me: Can I bring in my child so the doctor can put the fear of God into her re; using the potty?
Nurse: Sure, we get that all the time! How does Thursday work for you?

What actually happened;
Me; Can I bring in my child so the doctor can put the fear of God into her re; using the potty?
Nurse; We get that all the time! Back off of her! She's not ready! It's not that unusual. She is picking up on your pressure and it's backfiring (get it, BACKfiring? haha! no, the nurse didn't say that).

So yesterday there were accidents. And I was and have been doing amazingly well, not piling on the shame, merrily wiping up pee etc. etc. and last night as I'm toweling up yet another accident off the floor, I realize that it's pretty amazing how I've been dealing with this lately and I look up at my husband, and say, you know, it just dawned on me, I don't think it was E. who needed the talking to from an impartial authority figure, it was me!

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