Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ribs not Ribz

Last night we had BBQ Seitan Ribs. I say 'ribs' not ribz per this post. I pretty much agree about just using regular words and not trying to have all these alternate spellings. I do still want to differentiate, however, so I guess that just means more adjectives.

Here is the seitan before it went into the oven.

Anyway, they were good! We actually grilled them! And we ate virtually the same thing that Susan did!

I watched the video (link on Susan's page), which was helpful, and then later, once we had them on the grill, I was looking for how many minutes to grill them. I thought I'd remembered 15 from the video, so I watched it again to get to the point where she says 15m on the grill. I don't think we did them for that long, but they were still good. My husband's recommendation was to put the BBQ sauce right into the seitan dough next time! Maybe I'll try 1/2 C water and 1/4 C BBQ sauce next time. I also used the blender to blend the water and peanut butter and liquid smoke and soy sauce. You can also bake them at 350 for just 20 minutes and then coat with sauce and bake for another 15m.

I Googled how to microwave a potato and decided on 5m, then flip, then another 5 (this was with all three in the microwave) and it got them ready really nicely. Then we just put them on the back of the grill like Susan suggests and they were nice and hot and done when the seitan was.

In other news, I emailed my friend who is test knitting the mitts and was like "Ack, ack, plz don't knit these!" and then worked all day in bursts to rewrite the pattern. So far I have triumphed over the right hand mitt, onward to rehabilitating the left. Supposedly the left will be easier because ?I think? that I actually had a good pattern for that one, but now I have to check, plus apply some eureka ideas I got when working on fixing the right hand mitt.

I did this Invisible (Provisional) Cast on (scroll down) but I didn't use a very thick yarn and so my live stitches were incredibly tight!! So last night at about 10pm I was staring at the last 6 sts or so I couldn't get off one needle onto another. I'm sure it will make my seam real pretty, but I don't want to knit the thing again right now, I just want to try it on to see if it fits.

Still hacking through that book, fantasizing about a library trip, starting to gather ideas for books to get.

That is all.

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