Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Super Specialized Sock Sewer

Did you know that they make these special little needles now that you can use to kitchener your sock with? Made by Chibi, just like my good old standby needle, seen above, they are thinner and shorter and jabbyer.

It was a little weird, because I'm used to the longer length and I kept 'losing' the needle, but I guess if you really felt like your old tapestry needle was too big, then you should get this.

I just started reading The Protector's War by Stirling, and it's really good!!!!!! So far he's weaving all these threads together of the different groups that survived and I forsee a big climactic ...something... coming. Why didn't anyone tell me there was a whole post-apocalyptic subgenre in sci fi/fantasy?!?!?! I look forward to lots of enjoyment ferreting out the good from the bad there...

Maybe I'll bake some bread today for the week to come.


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