Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barn down!

We were gone over the weekend, so it was with surprise that we read an email from our CSA; it turns out that the storm we had at my in-laws (dime sized hail) was down here in the cities as well, and blew down the (old) barn at the farm our CSA rents! Perhaps we will have an actual and true barn raising!!! No one was hurt (although a hen and a cat are unaccounted for) and I am guessing that what crops they had in were short enough that they didn't blow down or get too damaged. She said everything out in the field got a 'power wash'. This weekend is 'planting day' and I can't wait!!!

My inlaws had a visit from some bears- 2 yearlings. They took down quite a few bird feeders and dragged them off into the woods. One we were never able to recover! I guess that a week or so before she mates, the mother drives off the yearlings so our guess is that this is probably what had happened. You can log any bear sightings here.

So we visited a little Mexican grocery this weekend and it was full of crazy stuff like pigs feet (augh!) and dried shrimp but also lots of spices I'd never seen, like chamomile flowers and tamarind and lime? Anyway, I bought a few things.

This is savila, not to be confused with salvia.

And these chips were okay, but kinda gritty.

Well, we had leftovers last night, so nothing to post.

I continue to be sucked into my book, when I should be knitting, knitting, knitting. Must wind my yarn into a centrepullball first, then get started. We'll see if I make any progress.

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Anonymous said...

I am really sorry about the barn!! I hope they can figure something else out. Our CSA is supposed to start next week, so hopefully they will have enough growing by then!