Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This post brought to you by the letter C

I have been lax in posting these pics of our latest CSA bounty! We got a lot, I haven't pictured the veg we have gotten before, just the new stuff, but we also got squash and my long awaited for zucchini (lost that pic, too lazy to repost, you can use your imagination), some cherry tomatoes that got eaten on the way home (just like candy!), more onions (hooray!) and lettuce (more romaine pesto here we come!). Here we have some new potatoes, which I made into a potato salad (no recipe as it was kind of weird).
And the first tomato, which E. and I and the baby shared for lunch one day!

Then the green beans which were so sweet and good, I froze a bunch and we'll be so happy to eat these come winter.
And finally, parsley and dill. I did use the parsley for supper last night and will hope to use up the rest this weekend.
Oh, and can't forget the cukes, I put one in the potato salad in lieu of celery, and then just ate the others straight up, skin and all 'cause I'm crazy like that.
Here is our meal last night. I had hoped to make some sort of pocket with that mixture, but then I forgot we were out of flour. So I made chickpea pizza and had it with that! Hooray! D. liked the chickpea flour pizza, and I was glad, because I like them too! They have lots of protein in them.
There is a can of lentils (cheater!) and some paprika and some frozen and then thawed tofu crumbled in and some sauteed onion and garlic and chopped up parsley and some other herbs from our herb garden courtesy of Ironwood Farm and some veg broth powder. Kind of a mish mash, but it served the purpose and was good.

Enjoying "All the Names", I asked my husband last night, is Portugal near Italy? Because I think this author reminds me of Italo Calvino. He's lighthearted and funny.

No knitting, won't be any, we're going up to our land Thursday so I am in the midst of preparing for the trip, getting stuff organized and planning the menu- today I hope to actually get to preparing some of said food. After a trip to the park for the kids, of course. And watering a friend's plants who are on vacation. Hopefully I'll have some good camping recipes for you come Monday. This trip will be brought to you by coconut milk.

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