Saturday, October 18, 2008

Even Better Than The Real Thing

What We Didn't Have For Dinner Last Night

Banana Bread!

Yup! Followed the recipe as written. Didn't reduce the sugar, nor the Earth Balance Margarine. Nope. And boy is it good. We'll see if we can even get my banana-hating husband to try a piece. I think it's that good!

I was inspired when I was cataloging my freezer contents to make banana bread. I found 3 frozen bananas in there (frozen for smoothie making).

Oh, and the homemade ice cream made with Hazelnut Soy Creamer was based off of "How It All Vegan"'s recipe. I think it's even better than store bought.

2/3 of a box soft silken tofu
1 container Silk Hazelnut creamer (btw, do not look at the nutritional info ha ha)
dash salt

Blend/food process.
Pour into shallow container and freeze until solid.
Thaw (this takes about half an hour), spoon into blender/food processor and process 'til smooth.
Freeze again.
Remove from freezer 5m before serving.

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